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Monday, July 2, 2012

Just like Cody on AFV ;--

So last night I was watching America's Funniest Home Videos, and there was a doggy named Cody w/ the most unearthly, human-like howl!!!  Honestly, I've never heard anything like that, from any dog ;-  In this case, he howled like that when his name was called...

Anyway, I was happy when Cody won! ( and not someone falling due to stupidity or kids w/ snot, etc.) ...

So, earlier today, I dashed out to run a few errands (before it got too bloody hot!) and as I came into my apartment --

Look here: I was not feeling the best (so what else is new?!); I was hungry and wanted to get to the food in the supermarket bags; and those supermarket bags were dammed heavy!  In fact, I had maybe four of them and while that is too many for me, yes, I figured I would just 'run in' and drop them on the chair.  And it was dark in my apt -but hey! I'm saying MY APT, which means - I know where everything is, right?!

I got across the living room, started to drop the bags, and HEARD THE SAME HUMANLIKE SCREAM CODY MADE ON AFV YESTERDAY ;--

I jumped backwards and then put on the kitchen light - poor CoCo!  I had stepped on her foot ;--

I got all upset - in fact, more upset than CoCo, who wasn't even limping - I was the one crying, hugging her, apologizing ....

Now as I type this out, I'm wondering one little thing, and that's this:

I've had CoCo since 1999.

CoCo never even remotely pays attention to tv (ok, wait - if there's a doorbell that sounds like where we're living, she'll bark and run to the door), unlike her late sister of the heart, Myndie.

However, when I was watching AFV yesterday, CoCo was seated right next to me.

Hmmmmm ..... 'Mom thinks this is adorable, so maybe I'll just hold on to this for future reference' ?!!   ;)

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