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Thursday, July 12, 2012

The nutty part about the Not Photoshopped campaign

Let me say this right up front:  I applaud this campaign - its about real women, and what could be more terrific than that!!!

I've seen a number of bloggers, fashionistas, et al, wearing the Not Photo Shopped tee ... and one that I regularly follow even had a link to where you can buy it ... and that's where we hit the nutty part of this campaign!

Now, alot of real women wear tee-shirts for there real lives, that include things like errands and walking the dog ... and doing things that involve child and house care, sitting around DMV waiting for the canned voice to say "now serving number ...", and going through a storage space rental.  And things too like packing up to move - and attending church services.  And sitting in twelve-step meetings, and sitting in front of the computer fully dressed because - see the walking the dog part of this ;)

Very few real women I know would spend $72 for a tee-shirt!  A TEE SHIRT, for pitys sakes?!  Thats just NUTTY!!!

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