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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A boy like me

Yesterday, I had my oil changed

Don't really care for this type of errand -ok, going to the dentist would be worse than this ;-  Its just that every single time I have to do this, I'm reminded of how my beloved Dad always used to take care of this stuff, because, in his own words, "this isn't for you to worry about" - he wasn't kidding! --

I get in there and yes of course its good that they explain every last little pimple, and they have computer printouts and now even recommended guides for a General Motors vehicle ... its just - information overload!  And then you're supposed to make a decision in a split second - well Jean GMC recommends and you're at that point and it would cost you -

Huh?!  Could I just get my oil changed and my fluids checked?!  

Its information overload and its not knowing load - yeah I understand the manufacturer recommends, but I'm nowhere saavy enough to realize if its excessive, if I'm being ripped off, et al.  I know I was very comfortable w/ 5 star garage in Lexington because Elaine was there office manager and she understood this stuff, and even at one point prevented me from spending money I didn't have, giving me a solution to a mechanical problem I could even do myself! ...

So I go to sit in the waiting area ... and there are a father and son pair.  I would say the kid was college age. Nice, cleancut looking kid ...

So we're all sitting there and the manager comes in and announces, "The owner of the Honda Accord?"

Well the kids eyes popped wide and he looked like he was being called into the principals office!  His Dad took his arm and said, "I show you, I show you," and the two of them walked into the garage ...

Seeing that, reassured me I'm not alone, not even divided by gender - AND blessed my heart!!!

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