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Thursday, June 28, 2012

My new footwear - go, America, GO!

I needed new sneakers - like, I needed them around Christmas, but kept putting it off, putting it off ...

My needs are fairly specific:  wide-width;  Velcro-close ... so, a few weeks ago now, not really finding much of anything around these parts, I decided to go online ... 

Quickly I found that they are in very basic, deadly-dull colors: you have your options of white (nurse!), or black (fast-food worker!) ... oh wait I got lucky - bone!.... Now, I didn't have a problem with paying a few dollars for a decent shoe (which I really do need with my health issues!) -- in finding this shoe that I'm now happy w/, wearing around, I'm going to give shameless plugs (read: non-sponsered post) to two companies that made this possible:

The first is  While I didn't mind paying in the 60 to 70 dollar range for these sneakers, I was not too happy about ten bucks to get it shipped to my door!  And then I found Zappos - NO SHIPPING!!!  Also, when I spoke to a customer service representative, I would have been happy if she was professional - I was over-the-moon when she was personable!  You don't find those too often!!!  I learned from her part of the corporate culture of Zappos:  not wanting any worker (especially but not limited to graveyard shift) to fall asleep @ the wheel and have a wreck - they have a nap room!  NOW THAT'S A COMPANY I CAN SUPPORT!!!

The brand I ordered was New Balance ...

When the shoes arrived and I went to cut the labels off, I saw they had a MADE IN AMERICA label .. curious, I went up to the New Balance website ...

Now let me tell you this:  I lived for a couple of years in Maine ... and one of the things I can tell you is that there are alot of pockets of severe economic need, especially the higher-up you travel, with some politicos thinking people can actually support families on tourist (read: minimum wage) jobs! ....NEW BALANCE HAS THREE  FACTORIES IN MAINE, IN THESE AREAS.  THEY PROVIDE A LIVING WAGE TO PEOPLE WHO REALLY, REALLY NEED IT AND WHO HAVE FEW OTHER OPTIONS BEYOND MOVING AWAY!

GO, NEW BALANCE, GO!!!!!!!!  I seriously had no clue - but now I do, now you do.  

I've found a brand AND I've found an online purveyor, too :)

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  1. Whoa. I had NO idea New Balance makes their shoes in the USA. You've convinced me to go check out their website. I've got new respect for New Balance. And they might just get a new customer, thanks to you.

    Zappos rocks. Plain and simple. Great review.