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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Could've been a weather tragedy

What I was thinking, was this: yes the sun is still shining and yes its still hot out there, but, c'mon now -the six pm church bells just rang, so it can't be as bad as it would have been to go out @ high noon or two ...

I got out there, started driving (w/ the a/c on) and realized 

It's 102 degrees out there ;-

I about turned myself around, but I had to keep pushing myself (no matter how sick it was going to make me), because I was running out of provisions:

No peanut butter and jelly - no sandwich bread to put it on - no butter for the special bread I bought for  bread and butter!  And one of the next  biggest things: I was out of Gatorade, essential in such awful! weather!!!

I also needed fresh coffee, as well as minutes for my cell phone ... got lunch meat, too.

As Sgt Esterhaus always said - "BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!!!"

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