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Thursday, July 5, 2012

My kitchen trash & being a good neighbor

I have a next-door neighbor here who is a guy that doesn't cook - he doesn't even barbecue - and he sure isn't wealthy! so we're not talking, you know,a potential neighbor who would be like that surprise millionaire tv show, lol! ....

He's interested in recreational activities that I'm sure he can sense aren't things to invite me to, lol: like NASCAR, DVDs, possibly even fishing and hunting... and may I say he has a girlfriend who can be - ahh - prickly, yeah, let's put it like that! in fact, he's let her invite me to there church, rather than overstep that boundary! 

So why do I consider him one of the top 5 neighbors I've ever had???

There's the low to no noise deal, surely ... but more than that, there are two bigger things:

He never hesitates to say hello and to pet CoCo!

And, he did it again: I changed the kitchen trash bag and as we're having a heat wave, I simply opened the front door and set it outside ... and when I had to go out anyway (for CoCo), I turned around to take the trash across the parking lot to the dumpster and 

it was gone!

Now, you see what I'm saying here???  

Even without much money or shared activities, he specifically has looked for a way to be the best neighbor possible to a broken-down woman living by herself ...

And that makes him a Very Good Neighbor!!!

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  1. That is a good neighbor indeed and they aren't always easy to come by you have to count your blessings!! Love Heather