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Thursday, July 26, 2012

The lesson of Denver - and food

Earlier today I received an email from a dear online friend in which she wrote to tell me the following:

" I just lost a friend to choking on a piece of meat, maybe you could send out a warning on your blog about this type of death, the mayor of one of our cities almost died from steak. I don't know what my friend was eating that killed her."

I've been thinking about this, since I read it ... yes, while I've been doing other things ... one of which was checking on the latest news from the Denver theater massacre ... and as I was doing so, it dawned on me - it really dawned on me --

One of the victims in Denver was a young woman who had barely escaped a mall shooting not too long before she was killed in a theater ... after her brush with death, she wrote a blog post that I'm sure has gone viral, about how you have to really, REALLY value and treasure each and every moment, because - you just never know ....

We may not go in such a tragic, world-splashed way as Jennifer Ghawi - in fact, we may be sitting at our dinner table, en famille or solo, and - it happens.  It just happens.  One moment you're alive - messy, loved, happy, miserable, sad, living the dream, feeling betrayed and victimized - and the next ---

It's an excellent reminder for this writer here!  Because however I'm doing (and it has not been well, my readers, altho there are certainly good and decent and loving and connecting moments in each and every day, for which I am grateful to my soul!) -- I am alive.  Here.  Now.  And while I feel stuck - because I can't go back to the way I was, I can't (pun intended!) put the genie back in the bottle and pretend stuff didn't happen --

I'm alive.

And so, while I am that, let me remember it.

And let me remember, that is really a very temporary condition. 

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