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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Please don't!///I'm not that old that --

--- I can actually see this happening - I can actually imagine this happening:

This would be me: "Honey, YOU like that new Batman - go with your guy friends and I'll be here when you get home, 'k?"

And then he - this potential boyfriend person - would sweeten the pot: let's bring your grandsons -my treat!  we'll stop and get the pizza you like before, and the ice cream you also like, afterwards - hows that, honey!

A dairy doubleheader - now how could I resist ;)

And so, that would potentially place me at a midnight showing of "The Dark Knight" - after all,

I'm not so old that I can't picture something like that happening to me still ...


Let me say THIS

If anyone ever said to me (as a survivor of such a shooting) or one of my loved ones post-shooting (in which case I'd haunt your dammed ass), the following,  there may just be some slappage - yes, someone actually said THIS :

Then I tell myself that every single one of these people had a pre-life contract with the shooter, and with their families...knowing this particular day could be one of their selected exit days from the human body.

People, really now - restraint of tongue and pen - think before engaging the lips!

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