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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Truths told while finding a bargain...

So I'm in Dollar General this afternoon, and the line is unbelieveable, into the aisles! (which I later found out from the cashier that - because there were power failures and loss of revenue, DG is making up for it by cutting employees hours - dumb move, DG!!!) ... so the woman and her son behind me in line, we start to talk ...

Oh, we were talking about the line (of course!) but more than that - back to school, when that is, all she has to do for multiple kids to get them ready ... it was pleasant :)

So after I paid for my purchase (finally!) I turned to thank her for such a nice conversation ... and she smiled, pointed to my bag, and said, "Enjoy your puzzles!  Oh, I wish I had time to do them!"

I smiled.  And I told the truth:  "Lady, your hectic life with multiple kids in school ... I'd trade you in a heartbeat."

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