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Monday, July 16, 2012

Name report, cont'd

The surname of Waseck has brought stable, progressive, accumulative conditions to the family as a whole. Members of the family seek positions of trust and responsibility in order to gain standing in the community where they draw around them a circle of friends and material comforts and benefits. The men in the family prefer to follow business, executive, or professional lines where they have direction and control of finances and of the efforts of others. Many examples of business success could be found in this family as the name incorporates analytical ability, shrewd judgment of material values, and an understanding of people. These people possess the poise and self-assurance that permits them to remain pleasant-natured and even-tempered under most circumstances. They are thoughtful, serious, studious people who are independent in their thinking and assessment of value; they cannot be influenced against their better judgment, especially in financial matters. They regard financial independence for themselves and their family as their foremost responsibility.

 Using the combined names of Jeannee Waseck you desire a systematic and orderly life, and provide opportunities to establish stability in your affairs.

 The combined names of Jean Waseck make you desire creative, artistic expression and association that allows you to give to and to share with others. You are too easily influenced by your associates, and find it difficult to maintain a stand, to say, "No," and mean it. Consequently, you are seldom able to follow your own creative ideas and plans. People could take advantage of you, and involve you in their plans, often to your detriment. These names do not attract progressive opportunities, with the result that you achieve only limited success. You are drawn into subordinate positions, where you serve the public, or where you are required to mediate differences to create harmonious relationships. You tend to attract those who require your support rather than contributing opportunities to your progress.

 Your combined names of Jeannee Shoobridge reveal an unfulfilled desire for settled and stable conditions in your life. Your affairs fluctuate with something of a fortunate nature always turning up to help you out of a difficult situation when you least expect it. You attract opportunities to spend your financial resources on good times, often imprudently. Your spontaneity draws you into association with people who want to enjoy life with little thought for the future. Living within a budget is challenging, as money goes out as quickly as it comes in making it difficult to achieve stability and financial success. These names could also take you into embarrassing emotional situations that could cause personal unhappiness and distress.

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