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Monday, July 2, 2012

What being heatsick feels like

I know that I can't tolerate the heat ... but now its gotten to where if I even go out for a very short while, and stay in a/c while driving and while inside a business, I get heatsick ;( ... which is no fun!  So as an FYI, here's what being heatsick feels like to me (note - I went today around noon - I'm typing this @ 7:42 pm, and, I'm still sick) :

The headache is the worst part.  It feels like there is a hat on my head that is several sizes too small and its pressing down directly on the very top of my head.

With the headache comes some mental slowness, depending on how well I take care of the next part of this, which is

Severe dehydration.  I can't drink enough!  My drink of choice is diluted Gatorade - str8, and I get stomach cramps.

Fibromyalgia pain increase -especially at the base of my neck, spreading outwards like a stain.

Tiredness beyond 'the usual lousy normal'.

I feel hot, like I have a fever.

When its really bad, I get painful dots of perspiration.

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  1. Oh that's is nasty... When I first went to the middle east it was 140 degrees out and I got heat stroke it was awful. Is there anything you can do about it? What a blessing air conditioning is!!! I hope you don't get it to often Love Heather