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Friday, July 27, 2012

Laundry Tales

Ahhh, I didn't time it right: I've got twenty minutes left on the dryer @ the laundromat ... alright ... guess I'll have a seat ...

Just about as my laundry is almost done, the door opens and this parade of people come in - now, I'm not quite sure how to describe them:

Homeless looking?  They didn't smell.

Poor unfortunates?   Yeah, that would fit ... each one looked like he or she had been through trauma untold, and they had interesting scars: missing teeth ; one guy had a twisted, shortened leg ; one woman had the side of her mouth pushed in long time ago and - well - it just - grew over - like that ...

They weren't rowdy.  They all had suitcases with dirty clothes, and correct change, and were very good customers like that --

-- I just couldn't imagine what had happened - were they all in a firefight together? survived a bad foster home experience?

Well, my clothes were done ... loaded them up, walked out to my truck, and --

Ahhh ... parked next to my truck is another truck, and according to the advert on the side --

It belongs to a carnival!!!

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  1. Wow, there's an interesting experience! We have no washer/dryer right now either, so we do have to go to the laundromat often (3 lil kids!)...but I've never seen "carnies." I did have a man with a hook in place of his right hand serve me blueberry cobbler once...that was interesting!