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Monday, July 9, 2012

Sheryl Warner's homicide

Brutal crime: Culpeper authorities seek public's assistance | The Hook - Charlottesville's weekly newspaper, news magazine

A nod to the Hook, btw, which I've never actually seen a paper copy of, but have certainly found out all sorts of tremendous background information online!!!

When I went to walk into my 7-11 just now, I saw a brand new poster up, that they were looking for evidence in this 2005 crime against Sheryl Warner, a woman who apparently opened her door to someone whose car had broken down in her rural area ... hmmm.  don't recall.  let me go check online ... when I  did so, I saw alot of back and forth from people re -"wasn't ricky gray, et al, charged in this?!" ... hmmm.  looked him up.  apparently he's part of a spree killer who even went so far to kill a family of four.  part of his m.o. was to use a girlfriend as bait -i.e. who wouldn't open her front door to a woman seemingly alone in distress, after all ...

But one question for me remained: if this guy has been charged w/ all these capitol crimes - and not only charged but confessed - and that includes Sheryl Warner! - why is the sheriff looking for information?!

I checked that out online and found something so disheartening, I'm quoting it in its entirety below :

Judge suspends Culpeper murder charge against death-row inmate

Death row inmate Ricky Javon Gray won't go on trial this fall for the 2005
slaying of Culpeper mother of 3 Sheryl Embrey Warner.

A judge today nol-prossed a capital-murder charge against Gray at the
request of Commonwealth's Attorney Gary Close. That suspends the case
against Gray, but leaves the door open for it to be revived.


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  2. Thank you for your post. She was my cousin, and is missed every day.
    They did not move forward with the case against Gray because they did not have enough evidence to convict. They collected tons of evidence, and the scene was similar to that of the Richmond murders. However, they said he could not be linked to the crimescene because his cell phone was used in PA at the time. This should not be enough to stop the investigation, because anyone could have had his cell phone. Gray confessed to all but Sherri's murder.
    Someday, we will find out the truth. However, I believe JKF's murder will be solved before Sherri's is.

    1. (((SHAWN AND HER FAMILY))) ... I am honored that you wrote back to me! My very deepest sympathies on this loss and the pain that goes with it ... and a rueful chuckle added w/ your own in your closing line ;)