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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Headless Giraffe

This afternoon, I went to get something out of my back seat and - arrgh!  One of my giraffes tumbled from its "unpacked from the storage center but not quite yet in the house" crashed to the pavement ...

... being ceramic, s/he lost her head, and has a jagged hole in her neck ;(

As I stood there looking at her, I thought to myself how s/he's so symbolic of my own life - the places where I feel like I was once whole, regal, and beautiful, but I'm now headless and have jagged holes :

With family - immediate, close, in your life, loving, daily, family.

Ditto with f2f friends.

Also with an intimate partner.

With knowing where I'm actually going to live in another year, and the years after that.


  1. ugh headless giraffe does not sound like a great way to describe yourself I am so on this praying!! Hope you feel pulled together and whole even if you don't know the details for all the tidbits of how things will work out. ~Love Heather

    1. Thank you, Heather, and bless you!