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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Political Ads - my time in the box

I cannot even begin to tell you how sick I am of all the political, presidential ads that play over and over and ...

So I got this *wild idea*!  Hehehe -- if I had a friend w/ a video camera, this is what I'd do :

Outside my apartment (I'm talking right outside my front door) is this long patio-sidewalk that goes past four apartments.  Isn't that great :)  I could start up by #4 and take a seemingly casual walk down the sidewalk ... I'd go past these great pillars, too (altho mine are wooden, not white house), and I would casually look over to one side (but careful not to look in anyone's windows!) reuniting my hands with the pockets of my blue jeans giving myself that polished jacket look w/ my purple suede QVC number that's the right length, as my voiceover would say - I'm Jeannee Waseck and I approve this message!  (For the soft focus shrubs behind me as I walk down, I figure I can redirect my neighbor's potted plants.)

I even figured when I get to the end of the sidewalk, I could continue my political presidential participation by looking in the camera, making big eyes  and saying, "I know how babies are made - and I won't ship them to Mexico, China, and India!!!" as my first political campaign promise  ;)

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