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Monday, July 2, 2012

Social media *failure*

Sigh ... life, at times, can be very complicated.  Families need seating charts - name tags, for pitys sakes!  Take my grandsons for example --

They have a mom and dad - but also a stepmom ... so, that now gives them, at this date, three grandmothers and a couple of grandfathers ...

Now, on there father's side, they have two aunts - there father's two sisters - and one sister, has two kids -- and my family geology tells me that these children -whether or not I've ever had the privilege to meet them f2f - are my grandson's first cousins ...

So, ok ... when I received a Facebook friend request from one of these cousins - a young girl the same age as my oldest grandson - I was (a) full of sighs my grandson doesn't have a page and (b) more than happy to accept her request - after all, we're what I would call "shirttail relatives" ....

So I was just up on Facebook and I received an instant message from said young - person.  I won't call her a lady.  Altho there was no profanity, she very curtly demanded to know who I was.  When I explained it to her, she couldn't follow it - and got all huffy and said she had never friended me in the first place.

I clicked out of Facebook.

Does she need a family tree?  Don't they teach who's related to whom in schools anymore, ferchrissakes?!!


  1. Oh dear I keep on facebook as a link to stay in touch with some friends in other countries but I really dislike it ...everyone else seems to enjoy it though so maybe it's just me lol love Heather

  2. Heather, the real LOL here for me is that I keep on Facebook to keep in touch w/ family members - I guess even those that don't realize they are family ;-