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Monday, July 2, 2012

And speaking of hot like an oven....

Until I moved here, I hadn't lived w/o a microwave in a kitchen since somewhere around the mid-80s....

Now, when I first moved here, it was winter ... so I bought myself a saucepan, and I adapted ... when I went  back to NJ for Christmas, I was told I could be gifted the microwave of my choice - but I declined, because I knew I couldn't lift it, so how would I get it in here?!  Nah, thanks, me and my saucepan are just fine, thx!

Well, now I'm rethinking all of that, wondering if I should grab a male neighbor and take him shopping ...

Using the oven heats the entire kitchen - something I didn't even think about in the winter as a problem, but now in the summer ... if I'm going to heat something, using the oven, I try to keep myself all the way over here on the computer, no where in the kitchen, and of course I make sure the a/c is on!

The oven itself is something I had to buy special pans for, btw, because it is a small apartment-sized unit and so it doesn't fit a regular baking pan.  Also, the stove itself has one  burner that doesn't work - and of course its the big burner, that would speed-up production (yeah, I could tell management, but to have someone come in for that, when I have three working burners?!  nah!  however, it does mean that something in a pot or pan takes longer, because its on a smaller burner)

Another problem is that it seriously limits what I can eat.  Now, while I have to watch anything w/ high fructose corn syrup in it, I do occasionally want something as a "goodie" but -- if I'd have to cook it 55 minutes V 5 minutes in the micro, fagetaboutit! it goes back on the shelf!  Also, there are things I really don't want to be messing around with a big production of pans and stoves and ovens, just to feed myself, like if I wanted hot dogs, for example. 

Because of being disabled, I can't always lean and do the saucepan thing - a microwave would be good for times like that, too! 

Hmmmm ... considering it, fersure!

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  1. Oh my goodness you need to move next to me I am baking all the time I would be happy to share. A microwave might be a good idea what about a toaster oven you can bake in one of those also and they do not heat quite as much as the oven. :) but they certainly do not cook as fast as the in the microwave you can make popcorn!! Love Heather