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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Why I LOVE this man!

In yesterday's mail, I got another letter from Kevin back home ... yeah, you know - that guy that everyone told me was bad news to continue to hang around with -- that guy that has continued to be involved in my life, even to writing me letters during the year plus I didn't have a phone -- when all those naysayers left -- uh-huh, THAT guy ... guess what he sent me?!!

If he had sent me a phone card to put 200 minutes on my Trac Phone, I would love him even more!  But that's not all he sent me!  He KNOWS me.  He KNOWS that I have never read a manual or a set of complicated instructions - one of his pet peeves about me, lol, as he LOVES these things like Marines love hand-to-hand combat ;)  So he took a piece of paper, a pen, and in bullet form fashion, step by step, he wrote out very basic instructions on how to add these 200 minutes to my phone!!!!!!!!

LOVE this, LOVE him!!!!!!!!!  I told him, technical writer is a skill and a job and he should definitely look into that - because if the instructions were so easy that even I could follow them...

So, yeahhh - my phone is up-to-the-minute... because there is someone who took what little money he has in his pocket (and believe me, its even less than I have in my pocket, which is saying something!) and because he took the time to look at it and write it out for me...

God bless that Kevin!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Aww very sweet of him! I am happy for you Jeannee!