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Saturday, August 6, 2011

My first ever post!

WOW!  I'm really here, and I'm really, really doing this :)  I've been blogging on my Facebook channel for quite some time now (I'm listed there by my full name, Jeannee Waseck, in the event that you want to read any of my fascinating pieces of writing, which are located under "Notes") and it has been suggested to me that I actually start a blog, as a site to have all of my writing, by more than one place.  I've been online since "ancient times" (ha, ha - 1996) and while I'm admittedly very good at finding information and emailing and things like that, blogging is completely new to me!  The content here will vary ... I'll have my writings ; now that I actually have a blog, I will be able to post things from other places around the web, like news stories and such, that at this time are displayed on my Facebook page - which I use as a type of bulletin board - that may just be partly what this blog becomes ... we shall see "more will be revealed" :) 

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