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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So today a 2d box arrived from my past ... and I know, I know :  when I came across a photo album of treasured pictures from my childhood, I should have jumped up in the air, with my feet off the ground and one directly behind my bottom, my arms tossed back in a gleeful moment of celebration!!!

Except there are some darker emotions pulling at me:  anger that I didn't already have this in my possession ; anger and resentment that I never felt enough at home here to fully unpack every single dammed box, at which time OF COURSE! I would have realized - "hey! now where the HELL is my " ---

Ok.  So here's what I'm thinking:  I don't own a photo scanner - actually I could own one, if I had a thin dime for every single time I had to say that to someone!  But I do have a blog!!!  So I'm going to go through the pictures, and describe them in words, and tell y'all why each one is a real piece of me, as much as my hair and - yes, as much as my words.

Picture writing posts to follow.

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