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Friday, August 12, 2011


I was reading in "Natural Awakenings" about a new thing called "Eco-Dads" - to quote the article:

"For an eco-aware dad, this is all very integrated and very personal to his role as a father, explains Lisa Harrison, the research leader for EcoFocus Worldwide, which has published a consumer trend report called Make Way for EcoDads.  For example, while he may have insulated his family's home for economic reasons first, the secondary benefit is quality of life, because the home becomes a quieter and more comfortable living space."

My God - my father was a trendsetter!!!

When I was growing up, in the 60s and 70s, there was no recycling - not like there is today.  My Dad got this idea :  why don't we collect and recycle newspapers - which went down to the paper recycling plant on Meadow Road in Edison, on the way to the city dump - as a way to give Jeannee an allowance???  He put 2 by 4s in the carport, and we stacked newspapers, held down with rocks.  They came from places as diverse as our own home (Dad brought home the NY Daily News every night - I literally grew-up on Jimmy Breslin!) as well as raiding our neighbor's garbage cans on trash days (which is how I learned what is today called dumpster-diving - such treasures we found!).  Neighbors of course started to notice and put them aside for us.  If there was a special coupon - like when the lady up the street decided she wanted to finally take GED classes and there was a Mandy's coupon for jeans - we very graciously went through and clipped them ALL for her.  When the stacks were high enough, Dad and I would load the car on a Saturday morning.  The way it worked was like this:  you pulled on to the weight scale before and after unloading, and the difference between was how you earned your money.  Absolutely nothing shiny, no "books" (magazines) were allowed, so they got to know which cars to watch for and "help" unload, and we were very diligent about our work, so we were never "helped".  The only way we helped ourselves a little bit was when we pulled in, Dad and I got out of the car ... after we unloaded, I sat back in the car, to give it a little bit extra ;)  

At that time, I simply looked upon it as income and as fun, too, because I always have loved the newspaper - still do!  

Now I realize ... I had an Eco-Dad!!!!!!!

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  1. Any man can be a father ... but it takes someone special to be a Daddy <3