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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Angels, she said ...... +

Recently in an online group I was sharing how I was unable to complete a fast.  Because of my prediabetic issues, I couldn't fast on food, so I decided to fast on tv - which spins and spins me through its drama and its stories and takes my focus off the things in the world that are weighing me down.

I wasn't able to complete the fast.  I tried, but I just couldn't carry it out.

So I shared this in the group, too, how I tried but....

Of all the replies I received, the most recent one really opened my heart :  a woman who knows me enough, who has read my shares, who knows that I live alone except for CoCo and that the only way I hear other people's voices on alot of days is to watch tv, said that God knows all of that, Jean... so for you to even try to sacrifice tv... God must have surrounded, flushed, filled, your home with angels!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a blessed thought - one that turns me degrees towards wanting to make another fast +

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