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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Its cool overnight ...

For the first time since my friend & part-time neighbor Chris installed my loaner a/c in the window (such a beauty!) I've actually dialed it down from 12 or whatever "max" temp I've had it on, shut it off, and opened the window!!!!!!

 I certainly welcome the cooler weather :) altho I'm almost positive the hot, muggy & buggy, will pop back up tomorrow and I'll be dialing the a/c back to high ;-

Here's where it concerns me:  if it's getting cooler in the middle of the night, then this specifically tells me that fall is on the way - even more than looking at the calender does - and that concerns me.  Because I don't have a working furnace - so if I don't have a/c, I also don't have any heat.

And I don't have any money to get it repaired, any more than I did when it stopped producing anything but problems, back in May (because of a $ grabbing move by a previous contractor, but that's a whole other story) ...

Which means, yeahhh, I need to get out of this physical place, this property, before it gets bitter cold - before the gardens in this neighborhood go fallow...

C'mon, God, don't fail me now!!!!!!

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