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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Me & Dreams

It was only over maybe the last 10, 15 years that I even heard of a Christian doing dream interpretation ... how I got started with it was this way:  as a teen I would have these nightmare cycles so severe (a) I would wake up the house screaming in my sleep and YES that is possible and unfortunately I've done so as an adult ;- and (b) I would go through these cycles where I felt like that girl in the first Nightmare on Elm Street, where she didn't want to fall asleep - except I had no coffee pot under the bed! ..

By reading dream books and figuring out what the "monsters" meant...

Here's what I can tell you about dreams, what I've figured out all these years:  That they speak in symbols - sometimes weird upside down backwards of awake reality - but symbols nevertheless.  That if I have to look something up and it doesn't make sense, I need to look at another writer AND/OR start writing it down - sometimes, just in seeing it long form, I start to go "oh yeahhh..."  I can do the best dream interpretation for myself and for people I know, because honestly I have to know you, or something about you, or have you answer my questions, to figure out what it means.  Even dreams can have several interpretations, at times, and the way you figure out "so what the heck does that mean?!" is to know the background of the person ...

Alot of times now I have dreams I don't need an interpretation dictionary for - ah, like the one I just woke up from.  Very clear symbol language in this one!  I walked out of the bedroom I was sleeping in, into another room, and - the ceiling collapsed - because of snow on the roof - putting everything I had stuffed up in the attic, along with the building materials!, all over the bed and the room - and if I'd been in there ;-

This one is easy for me.  In my day to day life I'm in an "imminent danger" type of situation in several areas, including where I live - not physically, but in my dream life it comes out as physical because yeahhh its starting to affect my physically.  My dream is telling me I'll get out just in the nick of time!  Its also telling me either alot of stuff is going to have to be gone through - could be just a dream symbol of the moving I know I'm going to have to do! - and/or its all going to come crashing down BUT, to quote Gloria Gaynor, "I Will Survive!"

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