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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

As they say: "amazed, intrigued, baffled" ....

Two things bring me to this place today ...

One is that I was looking at the whole sad tragedy of Celina Cass, and I have a bunch of questions:  what's the mother like?  why didn't she get her poor daughter braces?  did she know what that man was like before she brought him into a house with two young girls?  bless her heart - was Celina on the computer that night, saw what a sleaze her stepfather was on his facebook page, confronted him, and --?!

Two is that a second box showed-up from my past ... why this woman that I once shared a residence with, decided not to return my stuff until six years after we shared a residence, also is something that "amazes, intrigues, baffles"!  Does this mean that other stuff, like that living room set I loved, she hated, she took, is also coming back to me?!  ... there are things in the box that I thought I had and was surprised I didn't and am happy to have back again:  a professional studio portrait of me and my parents taken in a soft glow, in the 70s; books and items along that line ... but did you crackle when you packed the things that you figured would hurt me, like papers for the house and papers for the van?!! 

Gad, the longer I live, the far less I understand people.

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