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Saturday, August 6, 2011

I've been here before .....

I was writing earlier today of when I lived @ 1336 - it was part of a longer letter in which I was recalling back to the Hurricane Katrina time ; that was where I was living at that moment, you see ... Now, 1336 was a wicked place for me to have lived - oh, not the neighborhood (decent middle-class) ; certainly not the beloved furry people! ; what was wrong was moving so far from my beloved Dad when the Alzheimer's was flowering (he had gotten - shall we say - aggressive YES I needed to move NO I shouldn't have gone that far away!) and what was definitely, definitely wicked was the person I was living with and the situation that I found myself in - indeed! in a whole lifetime of having people hurt and abuse me in so many blooming ways, this was a new one on me! ....

Now, here's the thing:  I most definitely need to get out of 1336 and back home to NJ! - but - how in the world was I going to do that?!  I had no vehicle in my name (because I had been swindled out of what I had - another story, that one)  and overall you can say I was basically flat broke - and here I was all the way in tropical land of Georgia!  

In my history, if I looked back, I could have seen other places that God had brought me out of - some of them geographical, some of that relational, some of them psychological /// spiritual wastelands, the type of places where nothing could be found to be living ... I don't specifically recall if I did look back - I must have! I did alot of praying, alot of crying and crying, oh so much water out of my eyes!, and alot of talking to God and talking to persons, too...

Through a way that I couldn't have foreseen happening, I did get out.  In a vehicle.  I can't sit here and boast that I was able to take everything that belonged to me, no, but I was able to obtain a vehicle & travel cash and stashing stuff in every little nook and cranny, while trying to leave room for two big dogs and one big woman! myself! ... yes! Praise God, Praise God, He is so good - and the Devil is a dammed liar!  We all got out safely and back home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need to remember that time @ 1336 now, in a time of ever-increasing financial difficulties ... in a time when I have been looking for a little over two years on a way to get myself out of an impossible to afford, it wasn't supposed to hang like THIS!, situation ... that the God of my understanding can and will! do for me, what I cannot do for myself!  Amen.  

I'm waitin' on you, God ... I know YES I KNOW!!!!!!!! you are going to do for me and CoCo what you did for me, Myndie, and CoCo, to get out of the "where am I going and why am in this basket?!" situation @ 1336!!!!!!!!!!!!

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