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Monday, August 22, 2011

Just like I would for my Dad

During the years my Dad was so sick - especially when he was in the hospital various times - I made absolutely sure, without a doubt, that no medical personnel would ever think Arthur Waseck had an unavailable family: even if he had only one child.  They had my home and my cell numbers.  They had the number of a very close friend (at that time) with the proviso that she could make the same monumental decisions in case of emergency and I couldn't be reached.  They even had the number of a neighbor, and possibly my email.

So the day I went up and he was in restraints, I raised holy hell!  It literally turned out to be what I expected:  he sundowned, with the Alzheimer's, and there was a lazy nurse who couldn't be bothered to look in his chart and contact the family, to see that it stated that if Mr. Waseck were ever to be in that position - and between his illness and being in a strange place, it was bound to happen - that NO restraints were to be used - his family was to be contacted and someone would be in very, very quickly!

What brings this to my mind is that I was looking at a newspaper and there were dogs for adoption - NOT looking to adopt! just looking!  There was a soulful-eyed beagle who found herself in the "we're looking for good homes" advertisement because her beloved owner had been deployed.

I looked at that ad, and I thought to myself, "Just like with Dad."  I would want the soldier to have any and all means necessary to contact me, so that, when his service to his country was completed, he could love his doggy again ...

Just like with Dad : lots of ways to contact the next of.

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