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Sunday, August 7, 2011


If either of my parents were alive to tell the tale, they would certainly say the greatest tv show that I watched as a kid growing up was Lassie!!!!!!!!  

I would literally cry & go into a funk when the show was over.  I loved every single minute of it!  Now, thanks to, I can again watch Lassie episodes ... which btw I was just doing.  It was a show about Mr. Bascom, and why was he so mean, and Timmy's mother pointed out that sometimes when people live alone, there world shrinks more and more, until life starts to pinch them, just like a pair of tight shoes... something I can much more identify with, more than I care to admit, as a grown woman...

Now, all I wanted was my own Lassie!  I had a stuffed Lassie dog that at one time was super soft, but I literally loved her until she was matted flat.  Unfortunately, unlike the Velveteen Rabbit, she didn't become real, even as much as she was loved ... I said then that when I grew up, when I had my own adult life to walk around in, by God, I would have my very own Lassie!!!!!!!!!

Now, in 1995, I adopted Myndie ... she was a Lab mix - mixed with Cocker Spaniel, you could see that in her ears, especially ... and... Border Collie!  Yes, Border Collie!  So you see, I did get my Lassie, and she was even more than I had ever prayed for and wished for!!!!!  <3

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