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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The topless story of how my parents met ....

Easy, folks - we are talking the 1940s ....

Dad worked at that time at a paint factory.  He worked with a woman named Sara who brought in pictures from a party, and that was when my Dad first set eyes on my Mom.  He definitely wanted to get to know her better!  He was a friendly guy, charming, witty, so it was no strain to get himself invited to a party where she was going to be at ...

Er, one problem:  Mom was absolutely beautiful and had many, many dates.  In fact, sometimes when she went out - like, say, to the beach - she would go in a crowd, because she had so many men who wanted to go out with her!

Dad realized he needed to distinguish himself from the pack.  But ... how???

One day, he was at the beach with Mom and all her friends there ... Mom was wearing a two-piece bathing suit.  As she was coming out of the water, or trying to, a rogue wave not only knocked her over - it knocked her senseless.  She stood up, half out of her mind there, not realizing she was topless!

Immediately all the guys started whistling, catcalling, pointing - you know the drill.  Here's my opportunity! thought Dad - he grabbed a towel, rushed into the water, wrapped her up, and helped her on the beach ... once he got her in a chair, he dashed back into the ocean, diving again and again, until he retrieved her top!

They were an exclusive couple, from that moment, until literally death parted them <3

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