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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Front of the house: major snowfall!

Such snowfall that was!  It completely covered the front steps, swallowing up all three of them, and then putting a top on that, too!  At that point in my life, I had only lived in NJ, and that was extremely unusual, and it was called a blizzard, I believe, and so we got out through the carport and took a picture.

In a novel it would be called foreshadowing ...

In my adult life I lived in Bangor, Maine.  There I saw some type of snow fall out of the sky every single day from late October until around March (not kidding) and very, very often I sat at my kitchen table, looking out the window, and watched my neighbor's front steps be swallowed up by snow, with a top on them, if the maint. guy didn't by to clean it out by then!  It was no longer magical, and, it was no longer even usually considered a blizzard, but 'ordinary life' ;-  I think I preferred snow when it was the big exception when you couldn't open the front door and the bushes had hats!

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