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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Jersey Shore?! Really, Jeannee?!!

I was in the following frame of mind:  I missed my home, specifically, hearing people who sounded like me, and, I missed the ocean ... so where could I get plenty of both???

I decided to go where I had never dared to go before:  Jersey Shore! ;-

There are a host of problems with this show - lack of modesty in dress, for one, sexuality for another, how much they're comped drinks, plastic surgery at 26 years old - to be real, I can go on and ON with other items AND a detailed talking about each one I've already listed and my reasons behind them!  And I'll more than likely talk about them in this space in the future ... but here's the thing:

Even tho in my worst drinking days I wasn't like the denizens of this show - truth be known, they would have had plenty of room to refer to me as a grenade! - I can certainly understand what they're about and where there (mental as well as actual physical) location, is at!  And yes I like seeing the Jersey Shore, and hearing people who talk like me!  Altho I wouldn't want any of these 8 to be my offspring, to be honest with you, they have been my friends, they have been people with whom I've shared rooms, both in Alcoholics Anonymous and 'out there rolling in the world'.  

And so ... I'm watching this show.  Its a corner of my current world that intersects with my previous one.  I'll keep you updated.........

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  1. Dear Genesius, according to a very ancient story, when you were still a pagan, you once ridiculed Christ while acting on the stage. But, like Saul on the road to Damascus, you were floored by Christ's powerful grace. You rose bearing witness to Jesus and died a great martyr's death. Intercede for your fellow actors before God that they may faithfully and honestly perform their roles and so help others to understand their role in life and thus enabling them to attain their end in heaven. Amen.