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Saturday, August 27, 2011

88 cent toilet paper & tough times

I was talking to Kevin yesterday and we were talking about prices ; he specifically mentioned the prices of the supplies for taking care of the diabetic wound on his leg.  My contribution was this:  that below Kroger's store brand, is Value Brand - which I have come to realize isn't often so much of a value! - i.e. their pasta is so starchy, its pretty much not fit for consumption ;-  However, its the end of the month, I was out of toilet paper, the Value Brand was only 88 cents for four rolls, I sighed and grabbed it ... and have actually been impressed! - even tho it ain't so soft, it doesn't shred and leave toilet paper balls everywhere! (TMI - sorry, lol!).

Then Kevin said, "You're using Value Brand toilet paper?!! " in a tone as incredulous as if I said I was going to ride on a roller coaster.  "Jean ... I can't imagine you using Value Brand!!!"

I smiled and sighed.

For most of my life, I've managed to keep my feet firmly placed in the middle-class lifestyle that I was raised in.  And people in that place, don't put Value Brand toilet paper in there bathrooms - they go for a name brand that has a coupon, instead!  

However ... times have changed, times have changed indeed! and I'm in a place I never saw myself being in, when I was middle-aged :  poor, struggling, stuck, without a family to help me out - meaning an adult child (I have one, she's going to be 29, but help?!), a husband or partner (meaning one who lives with me AND contributes to the household income AND is part of), like so - yes, I'll even put my parents in there, altho I certainly realized that having older parents meant I wouldn't get to hold on to them on this mortal coil as long as some other people!

So here I am:  the lady with the Value Brand t.p. sitting in her toilet.  Care to have a seat ;)

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