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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dream August 21st

I get the symbolism in this dream: what makes me pause, however, is my mother being in the dream - my mother has been gone since 1995, our relationship was pretty fractured until around the last year of her life, the older I get the more I realize that some of it should have never happened from my part, AND my mother makes such an infrequent appearance in my dreams, it gives me pause --

I'm watching ice skaters, who are all dressed up in costumes, having a dress rehearsal ... and as the dancing goes on, I become aware that I'm watching them from a chair that is on the ice.  My mother is sitting off to one side and she says, "Jeannee, you're going to crash through the ice - you should get off that chair!"  I kind of brush her off - yeah, yeah, yeah.  So she repeats this - at least twice and possibly more like three or four times.  FINALLY I sigh, get up, give her the dagger eye stare, and walk off the ice.  And, as I turn back around, I realize - the chair was slowly sinking into the pond ;-  In other words, I should have listened to my mother as soon as she said anything.

I get the whole symbolism of crashing through the ice - financially, in alot of ways, that's my life right now, and where CoCo and I are living, etc.  Is my mother being present there a further warning - along the lines of how God gets louder and LOUDER AND LOUDER!!! until we finally hear ?!!

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