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Friday, September 30, 2011

Bad dream & awakened bad (?) dream

I just had this dream where I was trying to sell a house that I was living in.  And it sold, it sold.  And just as I thought everything was finished, the two real estate agents came back ... they walked me outside and pointed out something that I had honestly forgotten all about, wrong with the property ; and they proceeded to yell at me, smack my hand, and then, tell me that the whole deal was off and so I was stuck here.

In the awakened, walking around, world, today my house sold.

There are alot of raw, unfinished edges here:  like where the hell I'm going to go, and how I plan to get a medically fragile doggy there ...some ideas are somewhat coming into shape:  good ideas on CoCo and how to get her in and out of the truck (I do have a doggy ramp, but she's afraid of it, honestly, so this would be how to acclimate her to it) ; varying thoughts on where to land from borrowed couches to an empty apartment in a friends building that I could maybe only afford to live in for a year - BUT I would be back home in NJ!!!  I just couldn't even begin to unpack and I just couldn't even begin to finally exhale, as far as the housing situation goes....

I got so stressed, so overwhelmed, I had to lay down and do some stress sleep.  On a night where its 48 degrees, and where I'm running a space heater in the kitchen, and have the windows mostly shut-up, and am wearing heavy clothes appropriate for this time of year. 

As well as appropriate for a house w/o central heating.

It's time to go.  It's been time to go!

Go, where?!

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