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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Brian's picture

I have a picture of Brian, down the shore, goofing around///looking cool, in a biker's hat and a Harley t shirt ... it was probably right around the time that his long downward spiral into drugs and alcohol, started.  We lost him before he even turned 30.  

I didn't understand what his rage and his pain towards the outside world was about, not until my Mom decided to fill me in one day, and I can clearly remember just reeling at the nightmarish experiences he had suffered as a young boy - he and his three brothers - that eventually channeled themselves to his self-destructive ways.  I tried to get him to God ... I prayed he would get into recovery ... failing that, I think maybe the best thing I could do, would be to tell his story - but I won't do it here, not in this type of forum.  It would have to be written up as a fictional account, because his three brothers, as far as I know, are still around.  But it should be told.  To honor the friend I had since I was a little girl and to honor the man he might have been, after all ....

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