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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What a question!

So I was reading an older issue of More magazine ... and the editorial question was - "How do you feel about 50?"

I'm 48, and I honest to God don't know ...

But here's where it got a bit scary for me :  see, I had a friend named Wanda ... who set herself these outrageous! really - you, Wanda?! goals for turning 50:  she was going to go blonde and drive a red sports car!!!  Well ... between highlights and a trade-in on the vehicle she did have ... - !!!  Now, within 6 months, she admitted the car wasn't practical, and she traded it in - but that's not even the point:

The point is that she had goals for 50 and she reached them!!!

I don't have any.  And I can't even think where to start.

Slightly scary.

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