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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dream cycle ...?!

For this writer, the words "dream cycle" generally can indicate a wreck - the type where someone is sadly standing on the sidelines saying something quoteable like "it's nothing something you want to see - it's really tragic!"

A dream cycle, for me, is when I start to experience - just about every single time I fall asleep into a deep enough sleep - an intense dream - slash nightmare. This is how I got into reading and researching on dream analysis in the first place, as a screaming teenager who woke up her family - only to have them find her still sound asleep! -- as someone who got so scared to fall asleep (and this was in the days prior when to someone with vision into this type of world put out the first Freddy Krueger movie, where the girl is afraid to fall asleep - I just didn't have the hidden coffee!) that I would either stay up all night AND/OR go to bed late and have my father promise to wake me up when he left for work at 5.30 a.m. (being how he didn't even work in the same neighborhood, let alone the same county!), because the hour or so I had left, before I needed to get up for school, would usually be ok ...

I've just now awakened from the second intense dream slash nightmare, the second deep sleep I've had, and I'm pretty sure I heard the footsteps of a dream cycle ... The circumstances are all there:  I'm extremely stressed and frightened about something in my near immediate future ; I was able to fall into a deep enough sleep where my mind could take all the various images and thoughts and seriously send a message ... and, possibly, something more that I've realized since I've aged, I'm having some distinct pain:  we have had a rainy, near fall chilly, Labor Day (rain pain!) WITH weather like this being forecasted for ALL WEEK ;-

I came on to my blog to reduce the force of the dream cycle (and possibly prevent it from continuing to spiral out of control) by writing about it ... and I was also prepared to talk about tonight's "isn't that special?!" ... but you know what???  Nah.  I'm just trying to land on the side of the eyes opened.

Maybe later.

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