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Monday, September 19, 2011

Frances 'suffered for her sanity' ...

First, preface :  I had a rough day, the bulk of which I'll talk about separately and at another time ... suffice it to say, with having just a little bit of money in my wallet, I set off on Five Guys reward (YUM!) and even tho it was major rain, I was right there by the bookseller I haven't been to in forever! and actually missed!  & I went in and roamed ... picking up little piles of books, taking them to chairs, reading them ...

The one I did purchase is "Jane Fonda:  Private Life of a Public Woman".  I am roughly still in her teenage years.  Now - I figured I knew the backstory :  her mother committed suicide, etc.

I didn't.

I was reading about the marriage of Henry and Frances Fonda and something seemed too much familiar - like seeing someone walk around in a shirt you donated to a thrift store, type of eerie familiar ... it wasn't until one of Frances' doctors was quoted as calling Henry Fonda a narcissist that the lightbulb came on --

My God.  I know what this woman lived. 

I got out, and, I didn't have children - dogs like children, and that was very dammed hard - but not children. 

Reading this has disturbed me.  I think of a woman I know, when I lived in Virginia, named Fonda because her mother had loved the whole celluloid Fonda image - she has a sister named Jane! and she almost had a brother named Peter! --

The reality doesn't often meet the creation.  Yet another reason why people should be very, VERY! cautious about naming their children after --- !

Excellent book! BUT this startling revelation is going to make me put it down and read something else for now.

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