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Saturday, September 3, 2011

An extraordinary question ...

Late on Friday night, having a few extra dollars in my pocket for a change (pun intended!), I decided to go just a couple of miles (or so) outside this development to the Waffle House ...

Now, anyone who has ever eaten at a Waffle or Huddle House knows that the waffles are literally plate-sized - what they would call back East a Belgian Waffle ...

Of all the Houses I've eaten in, all over the South, tonight the waitress asked me a question I've never been asked before - which was -

"Do you want a knife?"

I stared at her.  I honest to God couldn't believe this question, and I think the look on my face must have been about the same astonishment as if I had looked up at the video screen and seen wilding teens in the back of the restaurant ;-  "Yes," I replied, "yes, please."

Well don't you see what the challenge was???  The forks were washed and through the system already - the knives weren't.  Gaad.  I actually made her wash a fork!  For the life of me!

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