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Thursday, September 8, 2011


When I was doing a fast shop in Aldi's just a little while ago - I was fine in the store, emotionally.  I was centered on seeing what they had to offer and what I could with their selections, and - I was fine.

It happened as soon as I walked in the house and talked to CoCo.

"CoCo!  I got us stuff to make stew - yeah, honey - STEW!"

And - as she wagged and smiled, in happy anticipation of the crockpot smells wafting through the house, with the promise of a delicious dinner - I -- well, I burst into tears.

I'm a little hard-pressed right now to recall when the last time it was that I could afford to make a stew.  Sure, ok - we've had a hot! summer, and you don't want stew then!  But I surely didn't make it prior to that ... no, not for a long while - possibly as long as a year, maybe better?

Because stew ingredients cost $ I just don't have.  With food stamps being $16 a month, I'm lucky I can drive away from the store with coffee and Parmesian cheese!

I started to cry - my tears partially generated by being in such a sorry state, partially generated by that I can afford to make stew again - in gratitude.

Thanks, Daddy!!!

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