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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

When being a dog mommy isn't easy ....

CoCo started developing these - symptoms - yesterday:  the best way I can describe it is what you would see in the eyes of someone who is reading something, especially if they are reading really quickly - well, her eyes are doing that just about all the time.  I re-checked online for symptoms of "doggy stroke" ... altho that specific eye 'dance'  isn't listed, the listing to one side and having an unsteady gait, are ;(

I can't lift her.  She is able to move around, going outside and all of that ... but there's no way I could get her to step up in an SUV!  My biggest fear - that she would get deathly ill and I wouldn't have the money to provide care - isn't here, thank you God! but - how to do so?  Call the animal clinic I found for Myndie, who came out to do a pickup on that fateful day? 

Even tho she's smiling, not in any pain, and drinking water, is that what CoCo's eyes are telling me - that her time is at hand??? 

I'm not ready!  I love her so, so much!!!!!!

Right now, her beautiful eyes are closed, and she's napping ... but I'll surely be watching when she lifts her head and looks around again - does the world look like its in motion, precious CoCo?

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