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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Civil War Battlefield pic

So in this picture my Dad is leaning on a Civil War camera and I'm all of maybe 10 or 11 years old, and because its a cannon, like a big gun, get it, I'm "shooting" at the photographer (most likely my mother) with my fingers - get it, ha, ha!

Actually I want to talk about this picture ... My parents wouldn't have known this particular phrase, but in today's parlance, they were giving me a low-tech way to see history, to see what I was learning about in school:  packing the car up and we would drive there on vacation.  When I see how many parents today use electronic things like Wii to connect with their children - well to be honest - it turns my stomach.  I'm NOT talking about a parent who is disabled - I'm talking about an able-bodied parent who can figure out a map (they're online now, you know!), has a vehicle, and can see on the school calender when the kiddies are free - ahead of time, so you can arrange with your boss to have the time free.  Trust me!  It'll make the BEST memories!!!

The other two pictures on this page, interestingly enough, because I wasn't thinking of this when I put them in there!, fall into that low-tech category:  there is me sitting outside reading a book ; and then there is a Halloween parade picture - I was a gypsy that year, and - my mother made my costume.  She sewed it, then, she put her makeup on me and her jewelry (loved that part, especially!).  I distinctly remember having alot of flack from the other kids about it, and I think even then I recognized what it was:  jealousy. 

I wish I still had that costume!!!

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