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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Perfect Storm > to Subway

So, just now, I was in Wal-Mart, getting a few necessary items to tide us over until I get to do a "big shop" .... and I lost all stamina.  I'm not talking - gee, Jean, you should have gotten a scooter and if you couldn't find one fully charged up, maybe brought a dog along to pull it for ya ;)  I'm talking - I don't think I can go another step.

I dragged my body - and I do mean dragged - down the opposite end, to Subway - got my usual sandwich and soda, sat down at the first available table that had actually been wiped down, and about halfway through eating I realized what had happened to me:  I had hit a perfect storm.

(1)  It is 100 degrees, give or take, today.  Yeahhh, we have the dog days of August, in September, because maybe the weather didn't change its calenders, either ;)  I am so heat-sensitive - let me give you an example:  I asked an online friend living in the same weather how she can stand to wear suede booties out, and she said - a/c house - car - store.  For ME, if I wore the same shoes, just walking to the vehicle, my feet would literally feel like I was coal-walking ;-

(2)  Allergies.  The allergies are so severe that I looked up congestive heart failure the other day, cross-checked it, and realized - its allergies.  I'm talking glue in the nose.  The doctor too talks - she says I should be on allergy meds all year round.  Can't afford it, so I do without.  Without being able to take good, deep breaths ...

(3)  Pre-diabetes.  What scares me with this is I don't always get hungry - I just lose energy and/or feel like I can't think straight.  If I was hungry, I would say - "Oh, food, me please, now!" - but not feeling hungry, I don't automatically associate it with a blood sugar drop.

(4)  Good ol' cfs.  Which comes with fibro fog.  Which when the blood sugar dips, it sends that straight off the floor.

A perfect storm.  After eating I was alert enough to go home, but there was no way I wanted to stop and pump gas!  So I pulled in the driveway and my "low fuel" light dinged on.  Sorry, GMC Envoy!  We'll just have to pray our way to the gas station once I can peek my head out and see if the storm has passed!!!

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