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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Why LOVE is making me cry (& its not what u think!)

I was just reading our local paper ...

Now, I live in Virginia, and of course the iconic slogan that has been around for years for this state is "Virginia is For Lovers" <3   To that end, the state of Virginia apparently has this HUGE Love sculpture that travels around the state and "rests" in various places ...

It is coming to my city at the tail end of November.

LOVE will be sitting in front of my town hall (a converted Victorian, with the police station, such as it is, in the  back - hey! this is a SMALL TOWN ;) ) and I read that, I read the date, and I burst into tears ;(

Because I love this little town!  I love that people wave, know, recognize me & CoCo.  I love how even tho it is small there is enough political hijincks going on that I can still get all riled-up ;)  I love how - even in this inexpensive little apt that CoCo and I live in - I open my front door and right there - rightthere! - are the mountains, in all there glory!!!  I love my apt (ok, I'd make a few changes if I could, but basically - I love it!) which is (of course!) right in this town that I love <3

But my lease is up on November 30th.

And I really can't afford it another year.

And I may just have to move - even might have to leave this town.

So to see LOVE, in a place that I love, that I might have to leave -- well, honey, this just breaks my heart.

I'm trying not to cry ... trying to think that I may just figure out a way to do it at least for another year, because then

Then LOVE wouldn't be so bittersweet.

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  1. Oh my sweet friend........I had no idea....LOVE will come to you no matter WHERE you live, because that is just the person that you are. Do not cry....u will figure out a way. Can't believe you will be there almost a year now. Time goes by way to quickly sometimes.