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Thursday, August 2, 2012

I couldn't listen anymore to a 'Danger0us Person'

Besides tv, there is an avenue that I watch, and have for several years now:  YouTube videos.  I especially favor the so-called beauty community, but I also like poets, book reviewers, et al.

So just now I was looking for whats new in my current subscriptions and I saw one from a young woman to whom I am subbed, whose screen name has always been funny to me:  Danger0us Person - simply because she's anything but!  She's a sweet young woman living with some wonderful, bouncy doggys, en famille, and going to school ... anyway, her video was entitled "Why I Haven't Made YouTube Videos".

Yes!  Please tell us!  I've missed you!

She didn't even get into it until 2:28 - she whined and carried on about her hair, which was pretty much as shallow as it was unlike her.  And then she started, and it was about how she has no desire to make videos (there's truth) because 'the community has gotten too serious' (I doubt that), and at that point, I clicked off ....

In every video she has made over the past period of time, there is a link to her boyfriends band.  And therein lies the REAL story:  she's gotten all wrapped up in a guy, and she doesn't want to make the time for her hobby of making videos anymore.  And maybe she actually did say that in the video, but between the whining for over two minutes and already telling an untruth to the camera, I just couldn't get there.

Someone famous once wrote that it was sad when people change and they don't tell each other ... in my experience, its sad when people change, period, but its even worse when they give you some hooey about it;  its actually insulting, thinking you can't read context clues, between the lines, and etc. 

It takes a fun, sideline, non-Danger0us, hobby/distraction, and makes it anything but that.

It makes you feel like you're losing yet another friend.  I hope someday you can really come  back, Danger0us Person - we really miss you!  (And P.S. has anyone in your f2f life said this?!)

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