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Sunday, August 19, 2012

kayla hadlington: PURPLE

kayla hadlington: PURPLE: Yesterday I dyed my hair purple and ahh I love it. I've been thinking about dying my hair dark for ages but I know that I'd regret goin...

Mebbe if I get enough guts ....


  1. you did?? or your thinking about it!!

    i adore the color purple but i don't know if i would love it on my head, perhaps!!

    1. Thinking about it, Debbie ... when I saw this gorgeous color I was like - "and how do you do this?!" ;)

    2. haha, brave, fun girl!! i always do whatever i want.

      2 years ago i got a tattoo, my son said "but mom, that's forever"....i said "i sure hope so, i ain't got that much time left, wanna get my money's worth!!"

      i don't want to get to the finish line with regrets!! i say, go for it!!

  2. If I didn't have to work, I would definitely go back to having pink hair. DEFINITELY.

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