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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Today's sadness brought to u by Bic

Bic Retractable Velocity Gel in Medium Black, to be exact here

It's not at all my usual pen (a G2, bold) but (a) I was out of a good pen and (b) I didn't have it in me to drive to Wal Mart (cannot find a G2, bold here) and (c) I was in the Lion King, walking right past the school supplies, saw this, ok! give it a go!

No go

Got it home and - the tips are all - mushy!  Its like some guy in a forklift hefting the boxes crushed this one (except the package is intact ... hmm) ... anyway - 6.99!  you bet I'm returning these babies!

In fact I made it part of my truncated errands today, returning them and

The clerk shook her head.  And showed me that they have this invisible teeny tiny CAPS on the covers that you have to pick off with your fingernails!!!

Returned home w/ pens

Returned home sighing and - oh no here comes the sadness wave.

Because things are changing far too rapidly all over the place and I have absolutely no say in it, no ability to affect it change it alter it stop it

There was a big write-up in our paper on how they need poll clerks -especially for the area I live in!  Hmm... I did this for oh maybe 10 years, a little better, once, twice a year, whenever there was an election, back in Jersey ... so I have prior knowledge AND hey! the pay is even better than it used to be!

But it bunks up against why I haven't voted in a long time (ironic thing for a former poll clerk to say, right?!)

Because I feel irrelevant, invisible   that things change and I have absolutely no say in it, no ability to affect it change it alter it stop it

And I used to be an idealistic I CAN change the world! kid

A looong time ago

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  1. awww jeannee, i still vote, but feel the same way. i always believed that every single vote was relevant. i believed with all my heart that i could change the world or at least make it a better place.

    at 53 i know i can't change the world but for many people, i have made it a better place!!

    for right now, that has to be enough!!