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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weds 8/8/2012

Outside my window:  It actually wouldn't be realistic to say this small town rolls its sidewalks up at night - there is steady truck traffic for manufacturing and chicken plants, as well as the 2d and 3d shift workers who fill them.  But it is quiet, and thankfully streetlit, as there doesn't seem to be a moon tonight.
Around the house:  Without dear Miss CoCo sleeping on the side of my desk, I truly would have an empty nest.
What I’ve been writing: Wrote 2 letters to my friend Hilary and they went in the mail earlier - we've had such personalized communication since the beginning of the 90s <3

In my thoughts:  Too many things bubbling like my Aunt Mary's percolator, that should be down on paper under the "what I've been writing" category.
In my plans:  Far too many overdue things.
In thanksgiving: See 'around the house'.  Also, a composite of various foodstuffs that keep my blood sugar from crashing dangerously. That - even tho I'm sitting here with a bunch of anxiety and sadness (the usual suspects for me, my 'constant companions' that are more stalkers than friends) - I'm not sitting here with a necklace bomb waiting to die! (i.e. it could be far worse, Jean)
In my prayers: Far too many are overdue here, as well.
A favorite thing: Coffee that isn't stale!
Food for thought: I'm actually out of any "gems" right now - maybe leave one in the comments??? 

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