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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Cautionary Tale in this video (see my comments)


  1. Here's a cautionary tale in this video: if you're going to walk your kid into school the first day, don't overexpose yourself - no dropped necklines, no glued to your limbs yoga pants that are more appropriate for the gym! Remember this, parents: you want to look pretty much invisible, neutral, bland, even, so your kid can stand out - and not be embarrassed by a parent living out 'forever 21' when they're past their prime ;-

  2. haha you are too funny. but I agree... my mom works at a junior high and they had a back to school mock day where they could walk around and find their classes. My mom said there were a couple kids who had parents following them around, and even saw some with video cameras tagging along. Seriously, try to be invisible-- for your kids' sake, so they don't stand out.. I think by the age of 12 most kids want to run around the junior high with their friends, not their parents... I will try to remember this though I'm the over excited parent--- avoid dropped necklines, tight yoga pants, and Forever 21! :)