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Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Fan-tastic Sister of the Heart!

And I call my late, beloved Myndie Ruth that, because if the ceiling fan was shut off - even when the a/c was on and even sometimes in the dead of winter - she would stare upwards at it, then look at me and let out a pitiful cry !  She was partially Border Collie, and they are very, very intelligent doggys!!!

CoCo has kind of been 'lost' since our Myndie left us - she has been having her own saudade, I imagine so ... but I gotta say this:  that just about everything CoCo knows, she knows because her sister of the heart taught her so, in there years together ... and sometimes I'm acutely aware of that!  like now --

I've had severe *dental distress* over the past few days ... CoCo obviously recalls the nursing her sister did and she has been attentive and very, very understanding - when Mommy can't take a 'real walk' ; when there were no Pupparoni's in the house, nor was I physically able to go out and get some (this'll tell you something: if you read my Facebook update, you'll see that I did get to the store BUT ran out of gas at the bread and had to quit shopping early (so I would have enough stamina to check out and drive home) - BUT - there were already Pupparoni's in my shopping cart :)  ) ....

Thank God for CoCo!  I honestly don't know how I would have gotten through this, without her!!!  I am grateful for everyone of her hummingbird kisses and her Margaret answering Leo McGarry's summons looks!

And I am very grateful to Myndie, too <3 to you both!!!

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